• Drag cluster names to re-order clusters
  • Hover over a locus to reveal box and handles; drag box to move the locus, drag handles to resize it, double click to flip
  • Click genes to anchor the figure around them
  • Right click genes to edit their labels
  • Click cluster names and legend entries to rename them
  • Click legend circles to change gene colours
  • Right click legend entries to remove them and hide links
  • Click scale bar text to change its length
  • Tweak other options below!

If you found clinker useful, please cite:

          clinker & clustermap.js: Automatic generation of gene cluster comparison figures
          Cameron L.M. Gilchrist, Yit-Heng Chooi
          Bioinformatics. doi:

Plot arrangement

Cluster settings

Gene arrows

Gene labels

Scale bar

Colour bar