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Water-soluble linear sulfated galactans from red seaweeds. They consist of repeating disaccharide units with alternating 3-linked β−d-galactopyranose and 4-linked α-galactopyranose or 3, 6-anhydro- α-galactopyranose. Between the units are α-1,3 glycosidic bonds. kappa, iota, and lambda carrageenan are three main types based on the number of sulfate groups on the repeating disaccharide units.

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CAZyme Gene Cluster:
Substrate Genome_ID CGC_ID CGC_Content Species Name
carrageenan MGYG000001507 MGYG000001507_1|CGC58
Paenibacillus ihuae
carrageenan MGYG000001525 MGYG000001525_20|CGC32
Paenibacillus_A rubinfantis

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