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Number of CAZy proteins152
Number of CAZy proteins with ECs84
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains125
Number of HMM domains125
Number of HMM domains after cd-hit32
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains and with ECs80

Substrate Table

EC Count CAZy protein ID Substrates 84
ABY17890.1 ACC22257.1 AGS17229.1 AAQ22499.1 AAH53063.1 ACC36856.1 ABY04706.1 ACC26284.1 ABH82928.1 BAH12448.1 BAC03634.1 ABX91870.1 ABY04430.1 ABY18166.1 AAH10659.1 ABX92698.1 ABX91594.1 ABX93132.1 ACE10551.1 AAH59818.1 ABX92146.1 ACE07501.1 ACW28625.1 AAH41120.1 AAF51113.3 CAD10224.1 ACR88983.1 NP_644678.2 CAA59381.1 ABY18442.1 BAF82737.1 CAE91506.1 ACS13744.1 ABY05292.1 ABI02314.1 BAC32790.1 ACR89535.1 ABY16398.1 ACN06790.1 ABX94373.1 BAE26246.1 AAS64620.2 ACE09339.1 BAB14227.1 BAH12861.1 ACP73505.1 BAE30483.1 ABX95656.1 ABX95380.1 AAQ89118.1 CAA70505.4 ABA66763.1 ACJ96114.1 AAK37548.1 ACC36580.1 AAQ56700.1 CAC14394.1 ABX92422.1 NP_004472.1 CBA11615.1 AAC13670.1 ABJ30825.1 CAD34770.1 NP_078848.2 AAX88899.1 ABY04154.1 ACN02380.1 BAB14795.1 BAW34840.1 BAH13288.1 ACP89033.1 AAH07172.1 NP_608773.2 ABX93639.1 ABI12599.1 CAD44543.1 ACC25543.1 ABJ38955.1 AAH06269.2 BAW34839.1 ABX95932.1 BAC56889.1 CAE91230.1 BAG53701.1
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