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Number of CAZy proteins193
Number of CAZy proteins with ECs74
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains175
Number of HMM domains175
Number of HMM domains after cd-hit45
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains and with ECs72

Substrate Table

EC Count CAZy protein ID Substrates 73
CAH40808.1 NP_851077.1 CAH40826.1 CAH40802.1 CAW48571.1 CAW42890.1 CAA42533.1 CBD21386.1 CAH40813.1 CAH40823.1 CAH40819.1 CAH40818.1 BAH20253.1 CBD31889.1 AAK28645.1 NP_568479.1 CAA55685.1 AAV71147.1 CBD21364.1 BAE98479.1 CAH40821.1 CAA55787.1 AAN60236.1 CAH40815.1 CAH40799.1 AAL77743.1 AAK32833.1 BAD94810.1 CAH40809.1 CAH40803.1 CAW48593.1 BAB17227.1 AAM44928.1 AED93507.1 CAH40816.1 CAH40822.1 CAH40824.1 NP_197972.2 CAH40817.1 ADP24127.1 AAN60275.1 CAW42868.1 CAA55786.1 AAQ79764.1 CAH40814.1 AED93508.1 ABQ42337.1 AAK74039.1 CAH40812.1 ADP24126.1 CAH40804.1 AAD40143.1 CAH40805.1 CBC08418.1 CAH40801.1 CAH40820.1 CAH40811.1 CAH40825.1 AED93511.1 CAH40806.1 BAB17226.1 AAL91284.1 CAH40800.1 CBD31921.1 CBC08396.1 AAD40134.1 CAA42775.1 AAL25596.1 CAH40807.1 AED93512.1 CAH40810.1 BAD94532.1 AAC18869.1 1