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Number of CAZy proteins1142
Number of CAZy proteins with ECs264
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains1078
Number of HMM domains1078
Number of HMM domains after cd-hit277
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains and with ECs255

Substrate Table

EC Count CAZy protein ID Substrates 264
CAW88944.1 CAW89012.1 AAC25984.1 AAQ21369.1 CAW88977.1 NP_849553.1 BAH20357.1 CAW98438.1 CBD12152.1 CAX05359.1 CBD12076.1 CAW93307.1 CAX05323.1 AEG76893.1 CAW93233.1 CAW93327.1 AAL07134.1 CAW93219.1 CAB64740.1 CAB64742.1 CBD12162.1 AED97800.1 CAW98542.1 CAW98504.1 CAB64748.1 CAX05387.1 BAB83260.1 CAA10128.1 AEE75407.1 ANM63664.1 CAX05383.1 CAW98580.1 AAN18080.1 BAS82468.1 NP_568001.1 CAW98450.1 AED97799.1 AAL24206.1 CAB64746.1 BAS83320.1 CAW93291.1 CAW88958.1 CAW98573.1 CAX05361.1 CAA18137.1 CAC44501.1 BAF02242.1 CAW93226.1 AAM13351.1 BAF01862.1 BAS82469.1 NP_187988.1 CAW93324.1 BAB21492.1 CAW93296.1 CAW93202.1 CAW98544.1 CAW88956.1 CBD12154.1 CBD12169.1 AAY07928.1 BAS98331.1 AED96817.1 AAY07929.1 CAX05311.1 CAX05313.1 CAW88932.1 CAW89001.1 CAW89080.1 CAW93217.1 AAN15586.1 CAW98443.1 BAD61846.1 CAW93329.1 CBD12045.1 CAX05304.1 CBD12058.1 CAX05308.1 CAX05312.1 CAW93309.1 CAX05314.1 AAL47461.1 BAD94489.1 CAW89031.1 CBD12048.1 CAX05350.1 CAW98458.1 CBD12062.1 CAW88968.1 CBD12123.1 ADX59436.1 AEG76892.1 CAW98575.1 CAW98552.1 CBD12099.1 CAW88961.1 CAW93237.1 CBD12064.1 CAX05334.1 CAW93222.1 CAW93263.1 CAW88951.1 CBD12080.1 CAW89039.1 CAX05315.1 CAW93206.1 CAW93345.1 CAW98431.1 CAA58734.1 AAA62324.1 CAX05399.1 CAW89037.1 AAM16238.1 CAC44502.1 CAW98532.1 CAW98568.1 CAW89034.1 CAW98461.1 CAX05303.1 AAY07925.1 CAW93298.1 ANM67750.1 CAW93241.1 CBD12139.1 BAG95436.1 CAW89064.1 CAW89047.1 CBD12107.1 CAW93302.1 CAW93300.1 CAB64741.1 CAW93273.1 AAM14371.1 ADO34790.3 ANM67747.1 CBD12135.1 CBD12148.1 BAF01618.1 BAB11029.1 CAW89068.1 AAF21626.1 CAW89070.1 CAW89089.1 CAW93335.1 CAW98534.1 BAB01923.1 CBD12081.1 BAS98332.1 CAW93320.1 BAS98330.1 CAX05365.1 CAW98472.1 CAX05357.1 CBD12052.1 CAW98540.1 CAW89075.1 BAS83321.1 CAX05353.1 ANM67746.1 CBD12158.1 NP_568978.2 AAK96780.1 CBD12125.1 CAW93293.1 AEE78999.1 CAW93331.1 CAW88973.1 CAW98456.1 AEE86647.1 CAB86888.1 CAW98570.1 AAN60229.1 CAW93210.1 CAW88940.1 AEE85163.1 CAW89045.1 CAW98563.1 NP_200498.1 AAF70824.1 AAQ56781.1 AAK40304.1 CAW98548.1 CAW88953.1 CBD12156.1 AAL24374.1 CAX05385.1 CAW89053.1 CAA06309.1 ANM58003.1 AEE85162.1 NP_194344.2 AAL47393.1 CAB64738.1 CAB39679.1 NP_190852.2 CAB64737.1 CBD12137.1 ANM67749.1 CAB16852.1 CAX05338.1 BAG90437.1 AEE32082.1 CAW98514.1 AAM34271.1 CAB80302.1 CAX05320.1 CAX05306.1 BAF19834.1 ADO34789.1 CAW98433.1 CBD12043.1 AAM13117.1 CBD12133.1 CAW89042.1 BAF11505.1 AAF69162.1 CAW88979.1 CAW93223.1 CAC44500.1 CBD12060.1 BAF10982.1 BAB10473.1 CAW89050.1 BAH20412.1 CBD12131.1 CAW93305.1 CAW98537.1 CAB64739.1 CAW98468.1 CAB79469.1 CAX05354.1 NP_201186.1 BAA97206.1 AAN60233.1 CAW88934.1 ANM67751.1 AAM13196.1 CAX05367.1 ANM67748.1 AAM20463.1 CAX05391.1 CAW98453.1 AEE86646.1 CAW89073.1 CBD12127.1 CAW93199.1 NP_175127.1 BAC10578.2 CAW98482.1 ANM67745.1 CAW93243.1 CAX05318.1 CAW98590.1 BAD20774.2 CAW98546.1 AAM22973.1 CAX05376.1 CBD12072.1 CBD12129.1 CBD12066.1 BAF00686.1 CAX05363.1 AAK32914.1 CAX05381.1