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Number of CAZy proteins2994
Number of CAZy proteins with ECs336
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains2399
Number of HMM domains2399
Number of HMM domains after cd-hit108
Number of CAZy proteins with the corresponding HMM domains and with ECs169

Substrate Table

EC Count CAZy protein ID Substrates 301
QOW03400.1 ACY56268.1 AAN77103.1 QOW03409.1 ACE77087.1 QOW03358.1 QOW03501.1 AAN77101.1 ABC17757.1 BAS95999.1 ALC78409.1 ACU82447.1 QOW03442.1 ACJ86349.1 QOW03528.1 QOW03512.1 ABK80494.1 QOW03381.1 QOW03522.1 CAA46294.1 QOW03430.1 ABC17771.1 QOW03436.1 QOW03404.1 AAD26155.1 QOW03395.1 QOW03384.1 QOW03490.1 ABC17751.1 ACJ86355.1 ABE21469.1 BAJ16184.1 ABC17761.1 QOW03518.1 QOW03416.1 QOW03348.1 ABC17768.1 QOW03457.1 BAF92695.1 ABK80485.1 ACV52662.1 ACV52664.1 AII21926.1 ABK80480.1 QOW03435.1 BAB19379.1 QOW03461.1 QOW03417.1 QOW03477.1 AAC49804.1 ABC17769.1 QOW03505.1 ABC17745.1 QOW03360.1 CAT81060.1 AAG27624.1 QOW03470.1 QOW03402.1 ACW20069.1 ABC17762.1 ACV52663.1 ABX94242.1 QOW03497.1 QOW03493.1 QOW03452.1 ACJ86364.1 QOW03503.1 QOW03463.1 QOW03500.1 QOW03418.1 ABC17742.1 AAR75243.1 ABC17743.1 QOW03517.1 QOW03526.1 QOW03419.1 QOW03472.1 QOW03506.1 ACJ86365.1 BAJ16183.1 ABK80482.1 QOW03483.1 QOW03513.1 QOW03476.1 ABC17741.1 ABK80483.1 BAA77350.1 ACY41284.1 QOW03523.1 QOW03356.1 ACU82451.1 QOW03422.1 CAA27574.1 QOW03388.1 QOW03414.1 QOW03379.1 QOW03467.1 QOW03431.1 QOW03515.1 ACY56272.1 QOW03391.1 ABK80493.1 QOW03474.1 QOW03420.1 QOW03482.1 QOW03446.1 BAF92696.1 QOW03382.1 ABC17766.1 BAF92694.1 QOW03527.1 QOW03489.1 QOW03425.1 QOW03487.1 AAL83839.1 QOW03495.1 CAA44065.1 ABK80495.1 ACY26077.1 QOW03480.1 ABC17767.1 QOW03507.1 QOW03524.1 QOW03449.1 QOW03475.1 QOW03471.1 QOW03499.1 QOW03412.1 QOW03355.1 QOW03432.1 QOW03427.1 QOW03456.1 QOW03491.1 ACV52658.1 ABC17756.1 AAC61675.2 ACJ86360.1 ABK80491.1 QOW03486.1 QOW03398.1 QOW03460.1 QOW03520.1 ABK80490.1 ACU82450.1 QOW03434.1 QOW03359.1 AAD26156.1 QOW03448.1 QOW03488.1 ABC17772.1 BAF92693.1 QOW03405.1 ABK80484.1 QOW03511.1 QOW03357.1 ABC17755.1 AGK90263.1 ABC17770.1 ABK80481.1 AAL83838.1 QOW03383.1 ABK80497.1 QOW03421.1 ABK80487.1 QOW03462.1 ABC17740.1 BAB88210.1 QOW03415.1 CAA40509.1 QOW03453.1 BAF92692.1 ACJ86348.1 ABK80486.1 QOW03433.1 ABK80492.1 QOW03509.1 ACJ86367.1 ACJ86350.1 QOW03485.1 QOW03380.1 ABC17746.1 ABK80489.1 QOW03466.1 ACJ86361.1 QOW03441.1 QOW03411.1 QOW03392.1 QOW03413.1 AAQ06262.1 QOW03481.1 QOW03521.1 AAL83840.1 QBM91837.1 ABK80496.1 ABC17774.1 QOW03514.1 QOW03396.1 QOW03445.1 ABC17739.1 QOW03510.1 AAL05405.1 QOW03424.1 QOW03437.1 QOW03458.1 ABC17758.1 CCW36718.1 QOW03439.1 QOW03443.1 QOW03403.1 AAN77102.1 QOW03423.1 ACO48868.1 ABC17749.1 ACJ86356.1 QOW03386.1 ABC17748.1 CCW36717.1 QBM91836.1 AAA33918.1 ABC17773.1 ACJ86366.1 ABJ38304.1 ABC17763.1 QOW03519.1 QOW03492.1 ABC17759.1 QOW03387.1 QOW03397.1 ABC17753.1 QOW03496.1 ABK80488.1 QOW03465.1 BAF92697.1 BAB88209.1 ABC17744.1 QOW03525.1 QOW03454.1 ABC17738.1 QOW03393.1 QOW03516.1 ABC17765.1 QOW03354.1 ABC17752.1 QOW03390.1 QOW03377.1 QOW03401.1 BAF18618.1 QOW03407.1 QOW03479.1 QOW03504.1 ABC17764.1 AAF72561.1 QOW03429.1 AEB52353.1 QOW03438.1 ACE88263.1 QOW03385.1 QOW03450.1 AII21930.1 QOW03468.1 AAO33149.1 QOW03428.1 QOW03459.1 QOW03508.1 QOW03494.1 ACJ86352.1 CAA37732.1 ABK80478.1 QOW03469.1 BAF92691.1 QOW03444.1 CAA41186.1 ABC17747.1 BAG91947.1 QOW03484.1 ABK80479.1 AAB26860.1 ACT52668.1 QOW03502.1 ACT52669.1 QOW03498.1 QOW03406.1 QOW03455.1 QOW03447.1 QOW03426.1 QOW03408.1 ABC17754.1 QOW03378.1 QOW03478.1 QOW03440.1 CAT81055.1 QOW03394.1 QOW03389.1 QOW03361.1 QOW03451.1 QOW03473.1 AAY22376.1 QOW03464.1 QOW03399.1 ABC17750.1 QOW03410.1 30 5