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CAZyme Information: MGYG000000415_01415

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Basic Information help

Species UBA11471 sp900547555
Lineage Bacteria; Bacteroidota; Bacteroidia; Bacteroidales; UBA11471; UBA11471; UBA11471 sp900547555
CAZyme ID MGYG000000415_01415
CAZy Family CE19
CAZyme Description hypothetical protein
CAZyme Property
Protein Length CGC Molecular Weight Isoelectric Point
470 MGYG000000415_5|CGC4 53011.68 8.2596
Genome Property
Genome Assembly ID Genome Size Genome Type Country Continent
MGYG000000415 2630685 MAG Sweden Europe
Gene Location Start: 199460;  End: 200872  Strand: +

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Enzyme Prediction      help

No EC number prediction in MGYG000000415_01415.

CAZyme Signature Domains help

Family Start End Evalue family coverage
CE19 132 456 1.1e-108 0.9698795180722891

CDD Domains      help

MGYG000000415_01415 has no CDD domain.

CAZyme Hits      help

Hit ID E-Value Query Start Query End Hit Start Hit End
QEW37187.1 1.75e-184 29 456 15 442
ALK85023.1 7.06e-184 29 456 15 442
QQY43514.1 7.06e-184 29 456 15 442
ABR40383.1 7.06e-184 29 456 15 442
QQY37481.1 7.06e-184 29 456 15 442

PDB Hits      download full data without filtering help

Hit ID E-Value Query Start Query End Hit Start Hit End Description
6GOC_A 3.68e-168 35 462 27 453
ChainA, DUF3826 domain-containing protein [Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron]

Swiss-Prot Hits      help

has no Swissprot hit.

SignalP and Lipop Annotations help

This protein is predicted as SP

0.000298 0.998910 0.000268 0.000176 0.000182 0.000160

TMHMM  Annotations      help

There is no transmembrane helices in MGYG000000415_01415.