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Statistics on HUMAN GUT

General Statistics

You are browserling the dbCAN-seq database: HUMAN GUT.
Currently the database contains:

Gene statistics

Total number of genes 10231988 Total number of CAZymes 261386

CGC statistics.

Total number of CGCs 94276
Number of annotated CGCs (with substrate) 26912
Number of CGCs annotated by dbCAN-PUL search (with substrate) 26827
Number of CGCs annotated by eCAMI sub-family (with substrate) 3720
Number of substrates 35
Number of phyla 24
Number of genomes 4744
Number of homologous PULs in dbCAN-PUL 417

Genes in CGCs.

Number of genes in CGCs 522733
Number of CAZymes in CGCs 146039 Number of CAZymes in annotated CGGs (with substrate) 66413
Number of TCs in CGCs 220728 Number of TCs in annotated CGGs (with substrate) 85906
Number of TFs in CGCs 20225 Number of TFs in annotated CGGs (with substrate) 11868
Number of STPs in CGCs 17689 Number of STPs in annotated CGGs (with substrate) 7619
Number of null genes in CGCs 118052 Number of null in annotated CGGs (with substrate) 44686

Gene statistics of annotated CGCs (with substrate).

by dbCAN-PUL search by eCAMI sub-family
Number of CAZymes in CGCs 65545 15089
Number of TC in CGCs 85143 11502
Number of TF in CGCs 11801 2752
Number of STP in CGCs 7555 968
Number of null in CGCs 44224 7347

MAG statistics.

# of MAGs containing CAZyme 4741
# of MAGs containing CGC 4688
# of MAGs containing CGC annotated by dbCAN-PUL search 3841
# of MAGs containing CGC annotated by eCAMI sub-family 1611
Distribution of CGCs according to substrate predicted by dbCAN-PUL search
Distribution of CGCs by substrate predicted by eCAMI sub-family
Counts of CGCs with the plotted PUL as the best hit from dbCAN-PUL
Counts of CGC-encoding MAGs in each phylum