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Basic Information help

Species Streptococcus sp900755085
Lineage Bacteria; Firmicutes; Bacilli; Lactobacillales; Streptococcaceae; Streptococcus; Streptococcus sp900755085
CAZyme ID MGYG000001064_00871
CAZy Family CBM50
CAZyme Description hypothetical protein
CAZyme Property
Protein Length CGC Molecular Weight Isoelectric Point
394 MGYG000001064_86|CGC1 41174.19 3.9754
Genome Property
Genome Assembly ID Genome Size Genome Type Country Continent
MGYG000001064 1854245 MAG Sweden Europe
Gene Location Start: 7855;  End: 9039  Strand: -

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Enzyme Prediction      help

No EC number prediction in MGYG000001064_00871.

CDD Domains      download full data without filtering help

Cdd ID Domain E-Value qStart qEnd sStart sEnd Domain Description
cd00118 LysM 6.91e-12 53 96 1 44
Lysin Motif is a small domain involved in binding peptidoglycan. LysM, a small globular domain with approximately 40 amino acids, is a widespread protein module involved in binding peptidoglycan in bacteria and chitin in eukaryotes. The domain was originally identified in enzymes that degrade bacterial cell walls, but proteins involved in many other biological functions also contain this domain. It has been reported that the LysM domain functions as a signal for specific plant-bacteria recognition in bacterial pathogenesis. Many of these enzymes are modular and are composed of catalytic units linked to one or several repeats of LysM domains. LysM domains are found in bacteria and eukaryotes.
smart00257 LysM 7.66e-12 54 96 1 43
Lysin motif.
pfam01476 LysM 9.00e-11 55 96 1 41
LysM domain. The LysM (lysin motif) domain is about 40 residues long. It is found in a variety of enzymes involved in bacterial cell wall degradation. This domain may have a general peptidoglycan binding function. The structure of this domain is known.
PRK10871 nlpD 7.74e-06 44 190 52 196
murein hydrolase activator NlpD.
PRK10811 rne 9.47e-05 90 269 845 1032
ribonuclease E; Reviewed

CAZyme Hits      help

Hit ID E-Value Query Start Query End Hit Start Hit End
QUB39001.1 9.68e-199 1 394 1 401
QWL81888.1 1.66e-196 1 394 1 369
AFJ25112.1 3.62e-192 1 394 1 374
QEW08826.1 2.76e-191 1 392 1 370
AGY40650.1 1.63e-106 4 393 3 381

PDB Hits      download full data without filtering help

Hit ID E-Value Query Start Query End Hit Start Hit End Description
5C8O_A 6.97e-06 54 96 60 102
Crystalstructure of MoCVNH3 variant (Mo0v) [Pyricularia oryzae],5C8P_A Crystal structure of MoCVNH3 variant (Mo0v) in complex with (N-GlcNAc)3 [Pyricularia oryzae],5C8Q_B Crystal structure of MoCVNH3 variant (Mo0v) in complex with (N-GlcNAc)4 [Pyricularia oryzae]
2L9Y_A 8.52e-06 54 96 64 106
Solutionstructure of the MoCVNH-LysM module from the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae protein (MGG_03307) [Pyricularia oryzae 70-15]

Swiss-Prot Hits      help

has no Swissprot hit.

SignalP and Lipop Annotations help

This protein is predicted as SP

0.000509 0.998437 0.000269 0.000276 0.000252 0.000224

TMHMM  Annotations      help

There is no transmembrane helices in MGYG000001064_00871.