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CAZyme Information: MGYG000001489_01174

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Basic Information help

Species Parabacteroides goldsteinii
Lineage Bacteria; Bacteroidota; Bacteroidia; Bacteroidales; Tannerellaceae; Parabacteroides; Parabacteroides goldsteinii
CAZyme ID MGYG000001489_01174
CAZy Family GH154
CAZyme Description hypothetical protein
CAZyme Property
Protein Length CGC Molecular Weight Isoelectric Point
401 MGYG000001489_1|CGC28 45400.52 8.0579
Genome Property
Genome Assembly ID Genome Size Genome Type Country Continent
MGYG000001489 6453137 Isolate not provided not provided
Gene Location Start: 1509218;  End: 1510423  Strand: -

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Enzyme Prediction      help

No EC number prediction in MGYG000001489_01174.

CAZyme Signature Domains help

Family Start End Evalue family coverage
GH154 28 380 4e-111 0.985632183908046

CDD Domains      download full data without filtering help

Cdd ID Domain E-Value qStart qEnd sStart sEnd Domain Description
pfam10022 DUF2264 3.62e-159 27 384 1 351
Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria (DUF2264). Members of this family of hypothetical bacterial proteins have no known function.
COG4289 COG4289 1.45e-89 51 401 36 385
Uncharacterized protein [Function unknown].
PRK07572 PRK07572 0.001 70 143 71 159
cytosine deaminase; Validated

CAZyme Hits      help

Hit ID E-Value Query Start Query End Hit Start Hit End
QUT50638.1 2.09e-226 3 401 2 404
QRM69413.1 2.48e-202 27 401 33 407
QCQ48901.1 7.10e-202 27 401 33 407
QCQ31087.1 1.01e-201 27 401 33 407
QCQ35502.1 1.01e-201 27 401 33 407

PDB Hits      help

has no PDB hit.

Swiss-Prot Hits      help

has no Swissprot hit.

SignalP and Lipop Annotations help

This protein is predicted as SP

0.000224 0.999172 0.000163 0.000149 0.000145 0.000133

TMHMM  Annotations      help

There is no transmembrane helices in MGYG000001489_01174.