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Basic Information help

Species Alistipes sp900541585
Lineage Bacteria; Bacteroidota; Bacteroidia; Bacteroidales; Rikenellaceae; Alistipes; Alistipes sp900541585
CAZyme ID MGYG000003279_00130
CAZy Family GT2
CAZyme Description hypothetical protein
CAZyme Property
Protein Length CGC Molecular Weight Isoelectric Point
398 MGYG000003279_1|CGC3 44455.66 8.4044
Genome Property
Genome Assembly ID Genome Size Genome Type Country Continent
MGYG000003279 3216844 MAG United States North America
Gene Location Start: 156871;  End: 158067  Strand: -

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Enzyme Prediction      help

No EC number prediction in MGYG000003279_00130.

CAZyme Signature Domains help

Family Start End Evalue family coverage
GT2 45 265 4.4e-26 0.9826086956521739

CDD Domains      download full data without filtering help

Cdd ID Domain E-Value qStart qEnd sStart sEnd Domain Description
pfam13641 Glyco_tranf_2_3 1.72e-23 43 266 1 230
Glycosyltransferase like family 2. Members of this family of prokaryotic proteins include putative glucosyltransferase, which are involved in bacterial capsule biosynthesis.
cd06438 EpsO_like 9.88e-23 49 226 2 183
EpsO protein participates in the methanolan synthesis. The Methylobacillus sp EpsO protein is predicted to participate in the methanolan synthesis. Methanolan is an exopolysaccharide (EPS), composed of glucose, mannose and galactose. A 21 genes cluster was predicted to participate in the methanolan synthesis. Gene disruption analysis revealed that EpsO is one of the glycosyltransferase enzymes involved in the synthesis of repeating sugar units onto the lipid carrier.
COG1215 BcsA 7.39e-20 25 342 34 359
Glycosyltransferase, catalytic subunit of cellulose synthase and poly-beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosamine synthase [Cell motility].
cd06423 CESA_like 1.18e-18 49 212 2 168
CESA_like is the cellulose synthase superfamily. The cellulose synthase (CESA) superfamily includes a wide variety of glycosyltransferase family 2 enzymes that share the common characteristic of catalyzing the elongation of polysaccharide chains. The members include cellulose synthase catalytic subunit, chitin synthase, glucan biosynthesis protein and other families of CESA-like proteins. Cellulose synthase catalyzes the polymerization reaction of cellulose, an aggregate of unbranched polymers of beta-1,4-linked glucose residues in plants, most algae, some bacteria and fungi, and even some animals. In bacteria, algae and lower eukaryotes, there is a second unrelated type of cellulose synthase (Type II), which produces acylated cellulose, a derivative of cellulose. Chitin synthase catalyzes the incorporation of GlcNAc from substrate UDP-GlcNAc into chitin, which is a linear homopolymer of beta-(1,4)-linked GlcNAc residues and Glucan Biosynthesis protein catalyzes the elongation of beta-1,2 polyglucose chains of Glucan.
pfam13632 Glyco_trans_2_3 2.23e-14 128 339 1 194
Glycosyl transferase family group 2. Members of this family of prokaryotic proteins include putative glucosyltransferases, which are involved in bacterial capsule biosynthesis.

CAZyme Hits      help

Hit ID E-Value Query Start Query End Hit Start Hit End
AFL77651.1 1.81e-211 2 391 3 392
BBL01220.1 6.65e-207 4 391 5 392
BBL11921.1 5.17e-204 4 391 5 392
BBL09129.1 5.17e-204 4 391 5 392
BCG53685.1 1.19e-150 2 390 3 392

PDB Hits      help

has no PDB hit.

Swiss-Prot Hits      help

has no Swissprot hit.

SignalP and Lipop Annotations help

This protein is predicted as OTHER

1.000066 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000

TMHMM  Annotations      download full data without filtering help

start end
5 27
188 210