# of family # of curated family
92 41
Count of representive host in each order
Count of representive host in each inhibited defense system

APIS families/seeds forming clans

Network diagrams to show APIS families/seeds forming clans based on hhsearch homology search. The families are grouped into clans, and clans are grouped by their inhibited defense systems. Each circle represents a family or a single seed (ArdB, Stp and gp54). Each circle is labeled with an APIS family ID and the circle size is proportional to the number of family members. The edge length represents the hhsearch identity. The homology between single seeds (ArdB, Stp and gp54) and families are obtained using hhblits. The circle label is colored in red if the family contains seed proteins. The clans are colored by inhibited defense systems. There are 16 clans with >=2 families, and 22 clans with a single family or a single seed protein.