Database for Polyphenol Utilized Proteins from gut microbiota



Some seeds in Evidence have no significant pfams, while experiments have strong evidences supporting their participation in polyphenol metabolism. These sequences were classified into Unclassified (UCs) and subsequently were expanded by PSI-Blast rather than hmmsearch under a unified threshold (E-value 0.001 and run until convergence).


Not applicable for this class.

Pfam Information

Family Number Characterized Pfam
UC1 I5AX49 Not Detected
UC2 Q65JC2 Not Detected

UCs Subfamily Number

UR1: UC1_1 / UC1_2 / UC1_3 / UC1_4 / UC1_5 / UC1_6 / UC1_7 / UC1_8 / UC1_9 / UC1_10 / UC1_11 / UC1_12 / UC1_13

UR2: UC2_1 / UC2_2 / UC2_3 / UC2_4 / UC2_5 / UC2_6 / UC2_7 / UC2_8

EC in UCs Families (sorted by counts)

UC2 ; ; ; ; ;


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