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AD families AD genes Defense system CLAN ID Phages/MGEs References Description
APIS010 Ocr restriction-modification (RM);bacteriophage exclusion (BREX) CLAN020 T7 of E. coli PMID:32338761 329108 12235377 11804597 Ocr physically associates with BrxX methyltransferase to neutralizes their ability to both methylate and exclude incoming phage DNA. Ocr structurally mimics the DNA phosphate backbone and interacts directly with EcoKI (both the MTase and REase domain of this type I R–M enzyme), thereby interfering with the activity of this system.
APIS077 CLAN020 Proteus phage PM 116
APIS085 CLAN020 Escherichia phage T7
APIS087 CLAN020 Shigella phage ESh23
APIS091 HOS17_gp01 restriction-modification (RM);bacteriophage exclusion (BREX) CLAN015 T3 of E. coli Andriianov et al., 2023 T3 encodes a SAMase that circumvents the SAM-dependent Type I R-M defence of the host E. coli through cleavage of S-adenosyl-methionine (SAM). SAMase also allows T3 to evade BREX defence.
APIS093 CLAN015 Pantoea phage vB_PagP-SK1