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AD families AD genes Defense system CLAN ID Phages/MGEs References Description
APIS006 abc1 RecBCD CLAN014 Salmonella phage S149 Silas et al., 2023 Trigger programmed cell death (PCD) by P4 prophage.
APIS020 Abc2 RecBCD CLAN016 Salmonella phage P22 PMID:10669596 36533901 Bacteriophage P22 Abc2 protein binds to the RecBCD enzyme from E. coli to promote phage growth and recombination; the RecBCD-Abc2 structure shows that Abc2 binds to the Chi-recognition domains of the RecC subunit in a position that might enable it to mediate the loading of phage recombinases onto its single-stranded DNA products.
APIS023 gp5.9 RecBCD CLAN017 T7 of E. coli PMID:36533901 Gp5.9 completely inhibits RecBCD by preventing it from binding to DNA. The RecBCD-gp5.9 structure shows that gp5.9 acts by substrate mimicry, binding predominantly to the RecB arm domain and competing sterically for the DNA binding site.
APIS092 Gam RecBCD CLAN021 Lambda of E. coli PMID:24086157 The protein Gam inhibits the host RecBCD exonuclease activity thus allowing efficient rolling-circle replication.