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APIS family ID APIS061
Inhibited defense system
Seed protein property
Accession ID Gene name Protein length Molecular weight Isoelectric point Charge
gene_page: 200 22213.8 10.4089 16.5
Phage property
Phage Assembly id
PDB structures ;
Pfam domains
Phrog phrog_22140,phrog_23843,phrog_2428
Host taxa
Gene Location Start: ;  End: ;  Strand: 
Note This family does not have seed protein, but we infer its function is defending Thoeris because it belongs to the same clan as family APIS024,APIS029 which has seed protein.

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pTM is for the estimate of the TM-score, which is obtained from a pairwise error prediction. The higher pTM score indicates better model quality.

pLDDT is for per-residue accuracy of the structure, which representes the quality of the residue. A higher value indicates better prediction accuracy. More detail please see AlphaFold .

Residues were colored according to plddt ( blue-> high quality; red-> low quality ).

Full Sequence
90 < plddt <=100 ;
70 < plddt <= 90 ;
50 < plddt <= 70 ;
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Structural homologs

No homologs found in AlphaFold database

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Family information      Download help

Fam ID Seed protein Member count Model Alignment
APIS061 IMGVR_UViG_3300024337_000617|3300024337|Ga0255060_100056963 9 HMM model Member alignment

Host Taxa distribution

Length distribution

Homology to other families       download full data without filtering help

Clan ID: CLAN031

Hit APIS family E-Value Query Start Query End Hit Start Hit End Immune system Seed protein
APIS024 9.00E-67 74 200 46 163 Thoeris UPI13470.1
APIS070 2.83E-64 74 200 80 199 IMGVR_UViG_3300037297_000240|3300037297|Ga0394146_0000041_21955_22497

Family members, sources, and their hosts        help

Results of representative protein blast against members.

Member pident evalue bitscore qcovs phage host SourceDB Pfam Phrog
IMGVR_UViG_3300014204_008563|3300014204|Ga0172381_100370182 55.224 6.32e-44 137 64% IMGVR PF02026 phrog_23843 phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300021387_000538|3300021387|Ga0223845_106910307 76.667 8.53e-91 271 90% IMGVR phrog_23843 phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300024337_000617|3300024337|Ga0255060_100056963 100.000 2.31e-144 408 100% IMGVR phrog_22140 phrog_23843 phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300025682_000358|3300025682|Ga0209718_10158121 56.154 3.33e-46 143 58% IMGVR PF02026 phrog_22140 phrog_23843 phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300028797_000133|3300028797|Ga0265301_10000182110 80.693 2.01e-110 322 100% IMGVR phrog_22140 phrog_23843 phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300028832_000435|3300028832|Ga0265298_1000162546 78.713 1.69e-108 317 100% IMGVR phrog_23843 phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300028914_000002|3300028914|Ga0265300_10000021350 66.837 5.86e-84 254 100% IMGVR phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300028914_000054|3300028914|Ga0265300_10000020228 73.000 7.06e-94 279 100% IMGVR phrog_23843 phrog_2428
IMGVR_UViG_3300028914_000075|3300028914|Ga0265300_1000017119 75.122 5.05e-100 295 100% IMGVR phrog_23843 phrog_2428