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AD families AD genes Defense system CLAN ID Phages/MGEs References Description
APIS001 Apyc1 pyrimidine cyclase system for antiphage resistance (Pycsar) CLAN030 Bsp38 of Bacillus subtilis PMID:35395152 SBSphiJ Apyc1 efficiently hydrolyses a wide range of cyclic mononucleotides; 273 Acb1 and 107 Apyc1 phage proteins were identified.
APIS005 Gad1 Gabija CLAN001 phi3T of B. subtilis Yirmiya et al., 2023 Antine et al., 2023 Gad1 forms an octameric web that encases the GajAB complex and inhibits DNA recognition and cleavage.
APIS008 Gad2 Gabija CLAN002 SPbetaL7 of B. subtilis Yirmiya et al., 2023 Alphafold2 predicted that Gad2 is an enzyme with a nucleotidyltransferase protein domain, suggesting that it inhibits Gabija via a mechanism of action different than Gad1.
APIS024 Tad1 Thoeris CLAN031 SBSphiJ7 of B. subtilis PMID:36174646 Tad1 proteins are not an enzymes, but are 'sponges' that bind and sequester the immune signaling molecule (cyclic ADP-ribose or gcADPR) produced by TIR-domain proteins, thus decoupling phage sensing from immune effector activation and rendering Thoeris inactive.
APIS025 Had1 Hachiman CLAN037 SBSphiJ4 of B. subtilis Yirmiya et al., 2023 Had1 (Hachiman anti-defense 1) is a Hachiman-inhibiting family of phage proteins. The mechanism of Hachiman defense is unknown.
APIS027 DSAD1 defence-associated sirtuin (DSR) CLAN038 SPbeta phages of B. subtilis PMID:36192536 DSAD1 is a phage anti-DSR2 protein that binds and inhibits Defence-associated sirtuins (DSR2). In bacteria, N-terminal sirtuin (SIR2) domains within DSR2 were shown to participate in defence systems including prokaryotic argonautes (pAgo), Thoeris, AVAST, defence-associated sirtuin (DSR), etc.
APIS029 Tad2 Thoeris CLAN031 Bacillus phage SPO1 Yirmiya et al., 2023 Tad2 is a "sponge" that sequesters the immune signaling molecules produced by Thoeris TIR-domain proteins in response to phage.
APIS044 CLAN030 Bacillus phage W.Ph.